How to Get a Client Fast

Working online seems a taunting task at first. You don’t know where to start or how to start your new career. Everything looks a little different. But even you’re going to work virtually, applying for an online work doesn’t differ from applying for an 8-hour office job. After all, you still need to impress a client to be hired.

In spite of the growing number of professionals shifting into freelancing jobs, there are ways on how you can beat your competitors and standout from the crowd. Must-have characteristics for you to nail that next job—after screwing up the last—are:

Work Versatility. Online clients are always looking for freelancers who can become their solid assistants—individuals who can take almost all tasks. It really pays sometimes to be a jack of all trades—but, of course, not a master of none. Try different things. There are a handful of freelancer ropes online worth knowing. For instance, if you are a writer, you can learn the ropes of link-building and, later on, the ropes of SEO. It is hard for an employer to overlook freelancers with such talent.

Work Experience. A solid work experience is always necessary for a client looking for solid assistants. But if you are a novice who is still looking for the right online footing, you can still make things work out for you. You can start your own blog and optimize it online. This way you have something you can show as a work sample to your potential employers. Reading a lot of “How-To” can boost up your eligibility as a candidate.

Work Ethics. It really pays to be a hard worker. But letting clients know that you are a freelancer with strong work ethics may be a challenge. Whether you are paid fixed or hourly, you are expected—as a freelancer—to work conscientiously. Faster turnaround time and high-quality results will be the bases of your work. You can include a brief yet clear description of these things in your cover letter.

Working Hours. One of the keys of effective working relationship is the freelancer’s working hours. He or she should be flexible enough to change working shift to accommodate the availability of his or her employer. Frequent conversation may not necessary, but it can boost up client-freelancer working relationship. And clients want freelancers who are around most of the time—means being around while they are around. Let your potential client knows that you can work anytime at their most convenient hours.

Bottom line is you need to let your client knows first chance that you are a freelancer who has above things always in mind. Through an award-winning resume, you will be able to describe these qualities. Impressive resume is hard to overlook on the part of the clients. Get all these things in your resume, and you will surely bag that job you are eyeing on.

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