All About Boosting Performance

There are times when we feel tired for work. Even if you have spent most of the day sitting and watching movies, you don’t feel like working in your desk at all. These are the times you daydream and wish money grew on trees, and you spend the entire day relaxing and enjoying. These things aren’t new for freelancers like you, who spend one whole shift working solitary. After all, humans are designed to socialize even if they are working. And of course, working online is like playing football in the field. You’re up for tough challenges every day. So make sure you have the right routines to beat every task along the way. Below are a couple of handy tips on how to beat all these negative stuff and boost your working performance.

Take enough rest before work. Of course, working online is one of the most draining tasks man has ever created. So make sure you have the right energy to face all the complexities of working as a freelancer. Working online is like being an Olympic athlete. The only difference is you to go the field to compete every day. That is why you need to make sure you get ample of rest before starting your work.

Take a bath. It’s not that your boss (in the other side of the world) would smell if you don’t. Taking a shower before working allows your body to revitalize all its senses. It gives you the right mood for work. And aside from its hygienic benefits, it will significantly boost your performance. You may not notice it, but taking a bath has already been a routine when one goes to work. So why not do it when you work at your home desk?

Go back to your drawing board. Nothing is better than starting with the right foot. Always write and check from time to time all the things you want to accomplish during a certain shift. If there are new tasks coming within that day, make sure to prioritize. Don’t just go on working on all things that are on the table. Work from task to task systematically. Finish one work and go the next to prevent forgetting unfinished tasks. A checklist or notes beside you will do the trick.

Always have a couple of short breaks. Long work without break takes its toll that can be seen in your work output. Aside from the health risk of straining your eyes to much, poor work performance is an indication of poor work time plan. Even if you’re working during your most convenient hours—when all your neurons are working 100%, your work performance would go down if you work in your desk too long. Breaks are designed to boost performance.

Reward yourself. Always reward yourself by the end of every day’s work. Get yourself excited of finishing all tasks with enthusiasm by placing a price at the finish line. Every individual is conditioned to perform better if something better is waiting for him or her in the end of the task. Whether you watch a movie, play your favourite pc game or eat ice cream, you can always have a reward for yourself.

There you have the routine things a freelancer usually forgets. Try to incorporate them in your working routines, and you will surely be able to boost your performance nth fold as a freelancer.

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