Reward after a Long Day’s Work

Why wait for the weekend when you can have it now? Why prolong the agony of waiting when you can experience the joy today? These are just some of the questions most freelancers would ask themselves. When is the right time for rewarding oneself? Is it after a tough week? Or is it after a long month? The answer will always be subjective, but there sure is an ideal answer to when should one reward himself or herself. Reward is one way to keep the enthusiasm of working as a freelancer burning.

One worst enemy of a freelancer is himself or herself. The social deprivation, which is typical for a freelancer’s job, is just overwhelming. Although a couple of social sites offer a virtual community where one can find a social solace, the need to actually socialize with actual people keeps one to crave. Knowing this fact can help you as a freelancer in doing your work. By knowing what and when to get a reward can significantly boost one’s performance while taking these things into consideration.

Rewarding oneself doesn’t really need to take a week. A reward doesn’t need to be expensive either. You can take a slice of cake or a can of soda as a reward. Or you can watch a movie during your work breaks as a reward. In short, you can reward yourself anytime. But if you want a more satisfying reward, have it at the end of your working shift. You will surely be able to boost your performance during a day. Rewards can greatly motivate a worker in you.

Of course, you may want to motivate yourself for a much longer time. Finding the right motivation through a reward may present a challenge, but it is actually easy. Just look for a couple of things you want to do in that particular month. Create a list for them. Narrow the list down to the stuff you love to do the most. Then, set a schedule for each of them each week. Now you have something to look forward by the end of the week, right? Yeah, you can feel working right now, don’t you?

Rewarding yourself can help you overcome the tolls that are crippling freelancers to perform well.

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