Tips for Time Management as a Freelancer

Time is gold, especially to freelancers. In contrast with your previous 8am-5pm office job, where you are paid with a fixed salary even if you spend the entire day flying paper planes, freelancers earn based on their hours of work. Longer hours of work mean bigger paycheck going to your bank account. And who doesn’t want a fat bank account? So here are powerful tips on effective Time Management for freelancers—like you.

Keep Regular Working Hours—Work on regular schedules. Determine the hours where you are productive, and work within these hours. Make sure to have your focus only to your work. Unnecessary things should be tackled later after work. It’s advisable to keep a reasonable length of your working time; otherwise, you’ll end up ineffective and unproductive.

Rest on Intervals—rest is necessary for you to be productive. A tired body doesn’t yield quality results. So make sure to have several rest intervals in between your work. Come up with a regular rest schedule. Strictly follow the schedule even if your entire muscles are so flexed up to hit your working desk. This way, you prevent stress and fatigue from setting in, thus promoting productivity on your part.

Have a Clock beside Your Working Table—even if you have the healthiest gray matter, you have the tendency to forget time. That is why you need to keep a clock—a working one, of course—to remind you to stick to your schedules. Choose the one with an alarm feature. You can’t be productive if every now and then you are looking at it.

Work on Weekdays—because you don’t feel working at weekends, unless you have some important business errands to run. Most freelancers tend to procrastinate, and decide to delay their work on weekends. This impedes productivity and promotes time wastage. The last thing you don’t want to lose is self-discipline. It is the only thing you have against yourself to work. So discipline yourself to keep all work on workdays—and that is weekdays.

Identify Things You Do on Weekends—and let them stay on weekends. Party, night outs and gimmicks with friends should be kept contained outside your working days. Even if that hot chick next door invites you for a cup of coffee, learn to say no. Not to keep her curious and interested but because you are working. Moreover, don’t exchange your rest intervals for anything. Everything waits.

Draw Out a Weekly Schedule—and why not for the entire month or for the entire year? This allows flexibility on your working schedule. But it doesn’t mean an open schedule for you. This is just designed to accommodate emergency situations—like your mom having no idea what brand of laxative to buy (kidding). You can make a monthly schedule though, whichever is more convenient for you. Just make sure to follow it.

Working as freelancer doesn’t really mean you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want. Pursuing to be successful in this lucrative field necessitates talent and time management on your part. And keeping in mind the aforementioned tips should gear you toward a successful career as a freelancer.



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