Working as a freelancer is indeed a tough job. You need to have the right expertise, spend exact time each day for projects, and come up with desirable work outputs. That is why every freelancer should develop a good working relationship with their clients to ensure that both parties get the best of the partnership. And the key element of a good working relationship is excellent communication. Without this, misunderstanding and confusion may sit in which will result to anger and chaos to either one of the two parties. With the advent of technology and communication, freelancers can regularly communicate with their clients for concerns, clarifications or updates regarding a particular project. But there’s more in a good client-freelancer relationship than a good communication. Read the following considerations and learn how you can incorporate them yours.

Make a contract with your client. Clearing the lines of your role within the partnership through a contract is necessary to guide you along the way. The better you grasp your role, the better you’ll be able to deliver satisfying results to make your client happy.

Ask questions. The more questions you ask, the more information you’ll have. Learn to ask about client’s thinking and suggestions regarding a particular project. This way, you can make changes or improvements ahead of time, saving both of you money and effort. Also, chances of coming up with appropriate results are more likely when you understand the instruction.

Learn to say no. If you are asked to do tasks beyond your expertise, be smart enough to say no. It’s better to say no than produce results frustrating to your client. Saying “no” can save money and time wasted for a particular project that is out of your capabilities.

Stay focused. Give your 100 % when working. Beat tight deadlines and avoid procrastination. Don’t settle for anything mediocre, and always go for the best. And strive to excel more than what you are right now.

Have passion in learning. Education is a continuous process. And you should take the opportunity as a freelancer of learning new methods and approaches in your field of work.  Be willing to learn new tasks should your client needs them. Of course, let him or her know that you are still learning a particular task.

By recognizing and addressing your client’s needs, you will be able to develop a healthier working relationship as a freelancer with your client. And above are the exact characteristics a client needs with a freelancer. So if you—as a freelancer—plan to have a long-lasting working relationship with your client, you need to consider above things.

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