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It seems every one of us has this goal. But most of us—freelancers—just don’t know how to achieve it. Some freelancers would say they lack the talent to get high-paying projects, while others would say they don’t have the endurance to work all throughout the week. You may be earning 3 times more than your previous 8am-5pm job. But to earn six times to ten times your average office salary is something you really want to achieve in your career.

Make most of your time. Make most of your working hours and stay focused in your freelancing tasks. Remember that time wasted is money wasted. You have 24 hours a day. And it’s up to you what you are going to do with your 16 hours—of course, your 8 hours is for daily hibernation. If you’ve been up for almost 16 hours a day throughout the weekdays with your eyes on your desktop but still can’t achieve the output you want, there’s something wrong with your working habits.

Develop good working habits. Work output is equivalent to money. But length of your working time is not directly proportional with your work output if you have bad working habits. And working longer hours in a day is a bad working habit. Why? Because your brain can only process a certain amount of work within a certain span of time, you are only productive within a period of time. And guess what?! You’re only productive for a maximum of 4 hours—unless your brain is bigger than the rest of us. So stop burning yourself with your work.

Get rid of distractions and stay focused. Aside from your brain’s limitations, other factors—such as Facebook and Twitter—can really affect your productivity, resulting to a lesser income and skinny bank account. Staying focused throughout your working hours is the key to being productive and profitable. Scheduling breaks and rest can help you focus and get rid of distractions when you are in your desk making money.

Work at your peak hours. You can always work in the morning or in the evening. But there is that particular time that your brain seems to get bigger and smarter. And literally this is subjective. Some are productive working in the wee hours of the night, while some are productive working in the morning. So if you find the right time where you feel you are productive, then try to work within that time. Getting good outputs surely means getting a good pay.

Once you develop the right system of working, you will be able to deliver more positive results and earn higher pays. Favourable working schedules, right amount of rest, and lesser distractions will surely boost your money-making capability online. After all, it is only yourself that hinders your capability as a freelancer to earn more money online.

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