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How to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer

Freelancing is a very tough job. It is true that it might bring you a lot of benefits. However, the truth is that, freelancing is one of the most boring jobs that people could get. If you are a freelancer, you really need to learn how to get motivated so that your production will not be affected. The following are tips will teach you how to stay motivated as a freelancer.

Organizing your Work Place

First, it is very important for you to organize your work place. Your work place must be somewhere where there is good lighting and proper air ventilation. Good lighting and fresh air will help you maintain you keen senses. They could help the brain function better as well. You should also remove all those unnecessary clutter around. It might be helpful if you could get the clutter out of your sight. You should always keep your desk organized by using pencil holders and other containers. A clean workplace will certainly help you get motivated to do more work. Posters which contain motivational quotes and characters will also help you a lot.

Getting a Business Partner

Loneliness is one of the worst enemies that freelancers will encounter. Since they are working alone in an isolated place, there is a big possibility that loneliness will strike. Lonely individuals really need to get some business partners to keep motivated. If you are working alone, you might want to network with other freelancers so that you would not feel isolated. They will surely provide inspiration. At least you have some friends which could relate to the things that you are experiencing. It would also be great if you could hire an assistant or a co-freelancer. You could do tasks together in one place so that you would not get lonely. Getting a business partner is the second thing that freelancers should consider to get motivated.

Loosen up a Bit

There are so many benefits that freelancing brings. Because of that, most people engage themselves too much with the tasks. It is not good if freelancers decide to be workaholics. If they engage themselves in freelancing too much, they will loose motivation sooner than they think. That is why it is recommended for freelancers to loosen up a bit. Watching a nice movie after work or enjoying a day at the beach could really fix the senses. After doing those things, freelancers will really get motivated to go back to what they do. Those are the tips on how to stay motivated as a freelancer.

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How to Prepare Your Paper Work When Applying for a Mortgage

How to Prepare Your Paper Work When Applying for a Mortgage

So you’ve decided to apply for a Mortgage loan. Whether you need some dough to pump up your online business or just to get that glossy red car like the one on the next block, Mortgage loan is ideal for you. As much as it sounds interesting, applying has proved to be not an easy process though. But you still intend to apply for one, don’t you? So for a smarter and faster application for your mortgage loan, you should consider preparing the following paper works:

Good Credit History—in almost all loans, a credit history is necessary. And for you to have a good one, you should practice a good banking and spending techniques. Continuous employment (at least 2 years), an established savings and checking account, good payment history using personal checks, no history of past due monthly bills and pay stubs will serve as bases for your credit history performance. By making sure that you have all these things in regular check, you can have a good credit history to back you up anytime.

Bank Statements—you will be required to submit two current monthly checking account statements together with your passbook saving accounts. This will show the latest activities for the two (2) recent months. Explanation in writing is required for deposits seen as unusually high. Bill of sale of a personal property, gift or any kind of refund is accepted as valid sources. Gifts must be given in the form of checks and gift letter furnished by the giver should be produced, and then attached to the passbook or statement’s copy showing the gift deposited.

Tax Returns—information in the W-2 form should match the ones in the application.

Verifications—verification of employment or VOE is accomplished by the employer and is send back directly to the lender. VOE is required from the previous employer if you’re working below 2 years for your current employer. For individuals who don’t have previous employers, a valid explanation is required.  Moreover, you will be required to show your average monthly balance of the most recent two months and your balance for the current month, which is called Verification of deposit. You are allowed to send faxed copies, provided that you send by mail or deliver personally the originals afterward.

Credit Report—the lender will spare a copy of your handwritten application and will be sent to the credit report company. Information verification will be done. The lender will received a copy of the credit copy report. A copy will be sent also to you should there are issues in the information provided.

Explanation Letters—you are required to submit a letter explaining adverse credit info—like late payments, queries from creditors in recent months & etc. Divorce, Illnesses or errors on the part of the creditors are considered acceptable. You should be able to prove that you are not negligent.

Document Updates—you are required to update some of the documents submitted should the loan processing goes beyond allowed 90 days.

Producing the necessary documents is a real hassle if you don’t do it ahead of time. The above papers should be prepared if you’re planning to take a mortgage loan. Once you already have them, find the right mortgage loan you think is suitable for you. And that is another interesting homework for you.


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